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(5/1/2020) Due to requests from submitters, we have extended the deadline for submission to June 1, 2020.
You have two options for submitting a proposal: (1) an extended abstract; or (2) a full paper.

Listed below are the details associated with each submission.
  1. Extended Abstract Guidelines: This submission is brief for early stage research. It has a maximum page limit of 10 single-spaced pages. It should be structured as follows: (1) title and abstract page, (2) textual discussion of the empirical or conceptual study (multiple pages), (3) references and tables and figures (1 or 2 pages).
  2. Full Paper Guidelines: This submission is longer for more mature research. It has a maximum page limit of 40 double-spaced pages. It should be structured to conform with the journalistic standards for the primary outlet in your discipline (I.e., AMJ/AMR in Management, JFE in Finance/Economics, JAR in Accounting).

When you submit a proposal below, you will be asked to indicate which of these two options you want to submit.

Please click here to submit your proposal.

Corporate Governance: An International Review is soliciting manuscripts dealing with the governance implications associated with ownership differences. For further details on this special issue, and the developmental workshop offered at the ICGS conference, please click here.

Within the 6th ICGS annual conference will be organized a CGIR and ICGS Paper Development Workshop. The deadline for submission is 1st of August, for more info look at this link.

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